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Electromagnetic Modeling Consultancy

3D Electromagnetic modeling has in recent years become a powerful tool to get insight into electromagnetic and EMC problems. Todays computational power together with the ability to develop 3D computer models allow electromagnetic phenomena to be understood via computer simulations.

After a 3D model is created ports or fields are defined that excite the model. The Electric and Magnetic field response to this excitation is calculated. The result can be a plot showing the E and H fields, a radiation plot or a s-parameter dataset describing the linear behavior of the model at the ports.

Models can be imported from cad data or created from scratch. They can be changed by visual basic scripts, this adds a powerful possibility to control the model by programming. This flexibility to change the model allows a design by simulation approach. To see a programming example, look to my model of a power transistor.

example of an electromagnetic 3D model created by a script
Electromagnetic model of a power transistor

example of a power divider model used in a EM simulation
A 5 port power divider model

An electromagnetic model of a power divider

Magnetic field response

H-field response, click to enlarge


Electromagnetic simulations can greatly enhance your insight into RF, microwave and radiation problems. If you want help send us an email.